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Website Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Mobile Applications

About Us

Lykvyd AB is a development studio based in Linköping, Sweden.

Lykvyd is on a mission to build new and exciting digital solutions for businesses

Simplicity is at the core of our thinking process. When we engage with our clients, we stress on developing solutions with the ease of end-use in mind. That means taking away complicated features that would add to customer confusion and internal cost-overruns and instead design something that will lead to a satisfying customer experience.

Lykvyd has a team of developers with extensive experience in several development languages, tools, and platforms. As a result we are able to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our team consists of experienced front- and back-end developers as well as UI/UX professionals.

Lykvyd is also developing a range of early-stage digital solutions of its own. If you are interested in knowing more about our digital solutions, please get in touch.

Our Services

Lykvyd AB offers website development, e-commerce solutions and mobile application development services for your business or professional brand.

Website Development

Our team of developers are experienced in designing and developing a smooth and responsive website with modern design for your business. We can also maintain the website for you in future.Talk to us!

E-Commerce Solutions

Want to build an online store for your business or add an online sales channel to your current business? No problem. Our team can build your e-commerce site.

Mobile Applications

If you are a team with an exciting mobile app idea, our team works with you to develop your web, Android, or iOS app.

Our Team

Lykvyd AB is a team of tech professionals, business developers, and entrepreneurs

Rasha Al-Ogaili

Chief Technology Officer

Zaid Al-Ogaili

Chief Executive Officer

Naimul Abd

Chairman of the Board

Ikramini Noori

Chief Business Officer

Contact Us

For business inquiries or general feedback on our website our services, kindly write to us:

Alsättersgatan 16 A
584 32, Linköping


+46 762 217 434